lunes, 30 de mayo de 2011

Rainy day with dropplets of awesomeness

Welcome back my friends, Get ready for your daily dosage of awesomeness.
After a all-nighter of Harry Potter movies (i guess it's one of these things you have to watch once) and no sleep at all, im ready to HOG all the work in my job. Yeah, i'm feeling that energetic.

Changing topic: yesterday i've made a year with my couple. happy celebration ensued, plus an awesome dinner.

I'll tell you more later. right now im at work, and my boss is looking funny at me ;D

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XceptioN dijo...

I am not hardcore enough to watch all the Hp films in one night but I have been watching all of them recently to catch up. Words cannot describe how pumped I am. If it is better than part one someone is going to have to wipe the drool of my face after its over.

Anónimo dijo...

>>i guess it's one of these things you have to watch once<<

NO. 1 guy 1 jar is one of those things you have to watch at least once. Harry potter movies is something you can watch ONLY if you have a female sex partner. If you watch Harry Potter movies and don't have a girlfriend, that would be weird.

Mack dijo...

Espero que sigas con el blog, saludos desde Argentina!

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